Ferrari - Realtime Pipeline R&D

This is a 10 week collaborative project mentored by people from The Mill (NY). The goal of the project is learning how to use real-time technology in a proper VFX pipeline. We tried the composure plugin at first but it appears to be abandoned by the team at Epic, so we decided to use nuke as our main compositing tool with the CG rendered out from UE4. While we don't have to deal with render times, most of our time was spent in R&D and troubleshooting especially since we are students with limited resources. We managed to create a similar (working but not perfect) rendering pipeline that we often use in offline renders.
The whole project breakdown can be found in my blog :

While this project didn't show the best in terms of visual fidelity, I'm still proud of our work in making it work especially knowing the limitation in our part. Special thanks to Prakash Panchariya (rig), Haley Jones (compositing), Taizyd Korambayil (FX) and Antonio Gil (Pipeline).

Brian lesiangi shot 01

Unreal Engine - Ferrari F40 Refined Texture and Shaders

Brian lesiangi studiolight

Light Rig