Thesis Project | Real-time Environment Art

Real-time Environment Art | Thesis Project

This is the final result of my cinematic MFA Thesis project made in Unreal Engine 4. I used Reality Capture for photogrammetry, combined with Substance and Zbrush for assets creation. In addition, I used Quixel Megascans and Epic Games free assets along with Houdini for foliage generation to quickly build the environment.
Special thanks to:
Matthew (Brett) Rutland - Thesis Supervisor
Bridget Gaynor - Thesis Supervisor
Charles Shami - Thesis Supervisor
Sunny Wai Yan Chan - Previs
Kylie Gay - Storyboard
Meghana Reddy - Concept Art
Music - Tabuh Talu Gong Lelambatan
Composed by - I Nyoman Suryadi, Ni Nyoman Suryadi, Ni Nyoman Srayamurtikanti